Jennifer – St Albans

Ben has been our gardener for nearly two years and I would highly recommend him. It is clear that gardening isn’t just a job for him; he’s passionate about what he does and has extensive knowledge so has really sound advice for how to tackle problem areas in our garden. In addition, he’s really personable, flexible, patient and hardworking. What’s more, he’s reliable and honest, so you know you’re not paying for things you don’t need. Since having my son, his gardening work has really helped take the pressure off me and ensures we still have a garden that looks nice all year round.

Ann – Hertfordshire

Really glad I’ve found Ben, he did a first class job and he even followed up with emailed “what to do next” instructions. Delighted! Fair price, personable, reliable … what not to like. Thoroughly recommended.

Jade and Nick – Bushey

Ben is an exceptional gardener and we are so lucky to have him looking after our slightly wild, romantic, woodland style garden. He is extremely knowledgeable about plants, weeding, pesticides (all things garden!) and is enthusiastic to apply and share this knowledge. He’s flexible and has been great working around our needs and budget. He works extremely hard, whilst always exerting the greatest care. Always charming, punctual and very reliable – I have no hesitation in recommending Ben to other potential clients.

Sinead – Hertford

Ben came to our rescue when we finally admitted to ourselves that we just didn’t have the time needed to tend to the garden properly! Ben is incredibly good at what he does, is calm, flexible and fair. Now we are on top of the weeds and replanting, the sky is the limit and together we’re going to give our outdoor space a bit of a facelift! We couldn’t be in better hands and would highly recommend Ben.

Video: Advice from a professional on how to remove ground elder

Ground elder

Here’s the first in a series of video’s focused on advice from a professional gardener. This time, Ground Elder, scourge of the flower bed. It takes over very quickly and can be a real problem particularly in beds and borders that are densely packed with ornamentals that you want to keep. Hand removal is nigh-on-impossible
Luckily there is a solution as the video states. Ben is Use of Pesticides licensed and has had very positive results spraying ground elder and completely removing it from gardens.
It usually takes 2-3 treatments with a little prep work sometimes needed before hand, depending on the extent of the ground elder.

Time to think about the new year

Now its getting darker and colder the gardening year is starting to feel like its drawing to a close, but I assure you it isn’t. One of the most fun and creative jobs in gardening is planting, and what better than planting spring bulbs.

Tulips, Iris, Alliums, Snakes Head Fritillaries, Crocus and everything else you love about spring can be bought and planted right now. If you don’t have any room in your borders then all spring bulbs can be planted in pots, which is particularly useful for Tulips which need replacing yearly.

I pride myself on my spring displays and this years were absolutely fantastic. But I promise you this… next years will be better!

So give me a call and book me to plant spring bulbs now, and enjoy a fantastic display come the new year.

See the gallery below for spring bulbs I can get this year, and contact me for pricing!

Mulching in spring and its many benefits

A spring mulch is an important job in the gardening calendar that is often over-looked in the UK.

Mulches are loose ground coverings comprised ideally of compost, sometimes bark and wood chippings, with the purpose of suppressing weeds and improving moisture retention. Why is this important for spring? The added benefit of using compost is the nutrients it adds to the soil. Whats growing now to flower in summer will be happy for the extra nutrients provided by the compost, though you won’t get this with most other types of mulch. Eventually bark based mulches will break down, but without the level of nutrients of a good quality compost.

As well as looking nice it will help you to conserve water throughout the summer, and as we don’t know if a hose-pipe ban is around the corner, its another reason to mulch with compost or wood chippings now while watering and rain is unrestricted.

Finally, provided you have had a good weed in the borders and beds before mulching, it is a great weed suppression tactic. With all of these pluses, there really is little reason not to do it! Contact Ben today about spring mulching.

Spring Garden Maintenance

Snakes Head Fritillary

Spring is here once again, and the weeds have started to pop through as well as the tulips.

My number one job for spring is one of the most important jobs of the entire gardening year. Mulching.

Now is a great time to weed the beds and borders thoroughly and give them a good nutritious mulch. Mulching keeps weeds down, and provides nutrients to both established and growing plants.

Its feeding time for everything now growing, and particularly for your lawn, now getting cut regularly. Lawn treatments from applications of selective herbicides to kill off your moss and fertilizers to promote healthy growth are now offered at reasonable rates by Ben. Ben is fully qualified in Use of Pesticides and will arrive to do an initial survey and safety assessment prior to application of chemicals to minimise any risk to yourself, your neighbors, your pets and members of the public.

Spring pruning the shrubs that need it along with regular bed and border maintenance will keep your garden looking fantastic through until summer and beyond.


Winter Garden Maintenance

Witch Hazel

Although the weather outside may be frightful, there are still jobs to be done in the garden! In fact, winter can be a crucial time for planning a new border, digging and preparing it.
Many a new layout to a garden has started in winter, and it is a rule of thumb that as long as the ground is not frozen or water-logged then it can be worked. The latter is particularly true of clay soil, which gains significant weight and sticking power when flooded. However this is a much better time to dig a bed or border than summer, when clay will be as hard as concrete.

A good tidy up is often whats needed in winter. Time to get rid of the annuals that perish to the first frosts, and while we are at it, it is a great time for jobs such as pressure washing paths, drives and decking.

Look out for emerging Hellebore flowers, Hamamelis (witch hazel) and Prunus Alba (dogwood) with its colourful stems. For winter interest consider these and more. Acer’s can be great for this, with amazing foliage the rest of the year, and beautiful red, yellow and amber branches in winter.

Have a lot of pots stood empty? Contact me about my winter annual displays!

Hiring Ben to maintain your garden over winter and you will get a complete service tailored to the needs of your garden.

If you wish to book Ben to maintain your garden, call 07927 896 956