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The fastest way to safely light any fire or barbeque.
Product description.
FireStarters (or gas pokers) are a quick, clean and efficient way to light any fire or barbeque.
There are three types of gas that can be used with FireStarters: propane, butane and natural gas.
The temperature of the flame depends on the gas pressure and type of gas used (propane, butane and natural gas). The Living Flame FireStarters are unique in that they have an injector that draws air into the gas to give a hotter flame and limit the amount of gas used.
The FireStarter with the hottest flame is the SuperHeat model that runs off propane gas at a pressure of 1-bar (Model PP100). The ideal cylinder to use is the 3.9 kilo Calor Propane Cylinder.
Standard FireStarters also for use with the propane 3.9kg cylinder are models running at:
50mbar (Model PP50).
37mbar (Model PP37).
All these models have left-hand thread with a screw-on regulator (known as a POL connector)
A FireStarter is also available for use with PatioGas cylinders (Model PPPG). This model has a clip-on regulator.
There are three FireStarters also available for use with butane gas that operate at 28/29mbar.
The model using the screw on regulator for use with the Calor 4.5kg butane cylinder is model PBSO.
A model is also available for use with the Calor butane cylinder with a clip-on regulator - model PBCO.
A model is also available for use with CampinGaz refillable cylinders - model PBCG.
Calor Gas now have a policy permitting a Calor gas cylinder to be exchanged with any other size or type of Calor cylinder. If for example, you had a clip-on butane cylinder this could be exchanged for a 3.9kg propane cylinder so that you could use the SuperHeat FireStarter.  
FireStarters can also be supplied without regulators, particularly useful outside the UK where cylinders and regulators are different.
P106 for 1-bar pressure with 6mm diameter regulator outlet.
P108 for 1-bar pressure with 8/10mm diameter outlet.
P50 for 50mbar pressure with 8/10mm diameter regulator outlet.
P37mbar pressure with 8/10mm diameter regulator outlet.
P28 for 28/29mbar pressure with 8/10mm diameter regulator outlet.
All are suitable for propane or butane gas.
A gas tap (PTAP) can be fitted to any Firestarter (except for PP100, P106 and P108) that facilitates lighting for anyone who has arthritis or similar disability.
All FireStarters shipped to UK address are supplied with a refillable gas lighter. This allows a FireStarter to be ignited safely and with one hand.
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